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Ever feel like you're always being asked to serve more citizens, but with no additional funding...

I've developed a step-by-step framework that allows you to find significant, hidden capacity in your existing resources, so you can meet the growing demand, without continually asking for more money.

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The world's leading authority on how to apply TOC to governments and non-profits.  

Senior executive.  University instructor.  Published author. Keynote speaker.  Senior Fellow. Advisory Board Member.  Trainer.  Consultant.  Co-founder of The Fulcrum.

I was very honored to be in Governing Magazine's 2016 Public Officials of the Year edition.  I've spoken on their stage multiple times to share insights into what is possible with government transformations. I was also featured in their April 2019 article entitled A Performance Innovation That Actually Works.

Looking for AND Podcast

In this episode, we dive into how framing problems correctly is half the battle, why we should walk away from some problems, and how my blindness helps me think differently.

CEOWorld Magazine Article

The cost of our choices as senior executives isn't just the direct expense of bringing on new staff, paying for the new branding campaign, or investing in new technology. Rather, we understand that the full cost includes the opportunities we didn't pursue: hidden paths that could lead us to the breakthroughs we want. Exceptional leaders deliberately clear these paths and compare them to the more obvious opportunities in front of them.


CU Management Article

Follow these three principles to increase organizational performance without getting mired in a never-ending cycle of problem solving.


Read the article I co-authored with Dr. Yishai Ashlag in the February 2021 edition of Talent Management Excellence.


30 Women to Watch

I was honored by Utah Business Magazine for my transformation work in Utah State government.  We improved all of state government by 35 percent and saved Utah taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

TechTarget Article

This article deals with the importance of Utah's COVID-19 approach placed on acting on real-time, real data vs. models and forecasts that proved to be very unreliable.  And, how quickly it was able to get a command center dashboard in place, thanks to the above-and-beyond efforts and world class talent from DOMO.  


Everyday MBA Podcast

This is a short clip where I describe the business fable of my first book, and the problems we face when we think we understand the problem to solve, but we're wrong.

A few of my speeches...

I speak on inspirational topics around being a blind professional, give overviews of my books, and provide more detail about my approach to system improvement, developing the ability to think clearly, innovation, and a variety of other topics. Click the button, below, to go to a page where I've collected a few of the speeches and conference breakout sessions that have been published on the Web.

The New Bureaucrat Podcast

Of everything we could work on, and with limited time and resources, how do we know what we should work on?

National NPR Segment

In this interview I compared our COVID-19 virus response to running a restaurant.  It's not enough to have great chefs in the back cooking delicious meals (the critical work from our healthcare teams).  You also have to handle the hundreds of other details that it takes to run the operation.


Purpose & Principles Podcast

I've managed through hardship before, and in this episode, Max and I talk about the mindset we need to lead and manage in uncertain times.

The Mindset We All Need Right Now

I've managed through hardship before, and there is a certain paradigm you need to adopt and convey as a leader before any of the tactics I teach will work.  I discuss this with my friend Max, on his wonderful Purpose & Principles Podcast.  I hope it helps.

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Forbes Article

Utah has two of the Top 10 cities (Salt Lake City and Provo) positioned to recover from the virus.


Inc. Magazine Article

Utah has a vibrant tech community, and early on we had some firms step forward, offering to. help. We now have a number of public-facing tools to help keep the public informed, assess their risk, and direct them to nearby testing centers.  

We also have a world class, real time dashboard helping us see our metrics and where to focus.


Second NPR Segment

This segment highlights the results of a study from Harvard's Global Health Institute that shows how Utah is one of only nine states to have done sufficient COVID-19 testing--a key pillar of Utah's plan from the beginning.


Bloomberg Article

In this article I discuss how we need a multi-prong approach that involves massively ramping up our testing and tracing efforts, as well as innovative tech tools.


Fast Company Article

It struck me, early on, that we all seemed to be passengers, listening to our epidemiologist "tour guides" tell us how quickly we were all going to get infected.  We were talking about where the virus was going to take us, not where we wanted to be 60-or-90-days out.  So, I suggested we take a very different, very aggressive approach to our COVID-19 response, here in Utah. 


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