Some of my speeches...

These are a few of my keynote speeches, presentations, and conference breakout sessions.

Four Big Ideas

2022, Fort Worth, TX
Policy Circle Leadership Conference Breakout Session


See the Breakout Session's Vicious and Virtuous Cycles

Although the video quality was good, it failed to capture the important, vicious and virtuous cycle slides I used when talking about the different challenges and dynamics communities in decline face vs. growing communities.

"We were truly inspired and heard nothing but positive things from our guests. "

Executive Assistant

Secrets for Finding System-Level Solutions

2022, Salt Lake City, UT
Accelerate Conference opening keynote


"It was the best speech on government that I have heard."

Sr. Program Manager

"A wonderful and enlightening presentation!"

VP of Sales

"It was a wonderful, informative, and vibrant presentation."

Enterprise Sales

"Her presentation was the highlight of the conference for me."


"It was a pleasure listening to Kristen this week at Accelerate 2022. I love her thoughts on the Theory of Constraints and systems thinking."

Senior Director

"I thoroughly enjoyed Kristen's presentation at Accelerate this week."

Director of Strategic Alliances

"She was quoted often on Day Two of the conference - clearly resonating."

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Only Solve Problems That Matter

2022, Lehi, UT
Highlight clip from the May 2022 Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce membership luncheon


The Seductive Seven

2022, Salt Lake City, UT / Zoom
This is a virtual keynote I did for the Utah Agile group.


TOC in Supply Chain Management

2021, Salt Lake City, UT / Zoom
This is Part One of a six-part virtual keynote I did during COVID for the South African Production and Inventory Control Society (SAPICS). You can see the full video by joining my private, online, training community, The Fulcrum.


TOC in Healthcare

2021 BYU Healthcare Industry Network Conference Keynote
Provo, UT


2021 Snow College Commencement Address

Ephraim, UT


The Illusion of Progress

2019 Cityworks Conference Keynote
Salt Lake City, UT


Achieving Breakthrough Results

2018 Cityworks Conference Keynote
Salt Lake City, UT


Four Prerequisites for a Continuous Improvement Culture

2015 Utah Ops Conference Keynote
Salt Lake City, UT


Seven Fundamentals of a High-Performing Organization

2015 Utah Ops Conference Breakout Session
Salt Lake City, UT


Start by Stopping

2018 Utah Ops Conference Keynote
Salt Lake City, UT


The Why of the SUCCESS Framework

2014 Utah Ops Conference Keynote
Salt Lake City, UT


How to Implement TOC in State Government

2013 International Public Sector Effectiveness Conference Keynote


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